Sun, Nov 29, 2020
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Private Full Day Peninsula with Great White Shark Safari

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Depart before daybreak for Simonstown harbour for a boat trip in search of the super predator of the oceans, the Great White Shark with international shark experts, Chris and Monique Fallows. (Subject to availability.)

Ocean Great White Shark

The Fallows have studied Great Whites since 1989 and were the first to film the now famous Great Whites of False Bay in the rare (and until-then, relatively-unseen) act of “breaching” (launching themselves out of the water) in their pursuit of Cape Fur Seals they hunt in this area.

Our search for Great Whites includes one of their typical haunts, Seal Island, home to some 60 000 seals as well as a host of other sea bird species. The main focus of the Safari is on natural interaction with the sharks from the boat, observing natural predatory behaviour, with a tow using a fake cut-out carpet “seal” decoy employed to encourage the sharks to “breach”.

Light lunch, snacks and soft drinks are served on board. Return to port around 2pm for a visit to the nearby African Penguin Colony at Boulders Beach. A short trip to Cape Point, the south westernmost point of the continent, wraps up our ocean adventure.

Note: The best time to see Great Whites hunting is May to Sept., with sightings least likely from Nov. to March. Safaris are dependant on weather and are at the skipper’s discretion. A warm jacket and binoculars are strongly advised.

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