ZAR1350-00 per person, (Minimum 2 people)
ZAR1200-00 per person, (3 - 4 people)
ZAR1150-00 per person, (5 - 8 people)

Includes: Entrance Fees
09h00 to 15h00 (Every hour)

Following an introductory presentation, day visitors are treated to an in-depth tour of the Centre. Open safari vehicles with experienced guides depart on the hour. Moving between the various enclosures, guests can view cheetah, wild dog, lions, black-footed cats, African wild cats, ground hornbills, Sable antelope and much more in an up close and personal manner.
Guests are also afforded the opportunity of watching rare African vultures feeding on carcass remains at the “Vulture Restaurant”. This area attracts mostly White-backed and Hooded vultures, although the Lappet-faced vulture Cape Griffon, Marabou stork and Bateleur eagle also frequent the area fairly regularly.

Cheetah Sprint: (bookings essential)
Cheetah runs were implemented in order to exercise the cheetahs, with the intention of keeping them healthy. You now have the opportunity to view the cheetah runs which take place daily at 8:00 for two hours, it also includes a DVD screening and a tour of the Centre. 

Tour including Cheetah Sprint - daily at 08h00