Sun, Nov 29, 2020
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Fun Time Tours & Safaris have a wide range of packages available for every different taste and adventure. For getaways with a difference we can offer you vast knowledge and experience in the industry.

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ZAR1350-00 per person, (Minimum 2 people)
ZAR1200-00 per person, (3 - 4 people)
ZAR1150-00 per person, (5 - 8 people)

Includes: Entrance Fees
Mondays to Saturdays: First Tour starts at 09h30, Second Tour starts at 15h00 (2 shows only per day)
Sundays: Only during Limpopo school holidays and long weekends at 15h00.
(Approximate time of Tour is 2 to 2 1|2 hours)

A visit to the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is an unforgettable experience. The centre provides a home for many of South Africa’s abandoned, injured and poisoned wildlife and is a highly regarded contributor to wildlife conservation in our country. Come and witness the caring and nursing of these wild birds and mammals. Wildlife is brought to the centre from all corners of South Africa, and once healthy enough are re-introduced into their natural environments. Those creatures who cannot be returned to the wild due to the nature and extent of their injuries, are cared for at the centre and are used to educate the many people who visit us each year. Animals you will possibly see: Lion, Leopard, Serval, Cheetah, Hyena, Honey Badger, Eagles, Vultures and any baby animals that we may have at the time of your visit. A multitude of interesting wildlife encounters await you.